While prices vary depending on what you are ordering we can give you a base starting price so that you will have something to think about when ordering.


Everyday Carnation Arrangement: Starts at $10.00 and Up


Everyday Rose Arrangement: Starts at $15.00 and Up


Everyday Assorted Arrangement: Starts at $15.00 and Up


Boutonnieres: Start at $10.00 & Up


Corsages (Pin-On or Wristlets): Start at $20.00 and Up


Funeral Arrangements:

     Casket Sprays:  Start at $250.00 and Up

     Easel Sprays: Start at $100.00 and Up

     Fan Baskets: Start at $65.00 and Up


Green & Blooming Plants:  Start at $35.00 and Up


Wedding & Events: 

This will depend completely on what needs to be done.  Our price definitely varies here because of the amount of work that may go into making things for a wedding or event.  We do try and keep cost down as much as possible for those that might be on a tight budget. 


We do require a contract to be signed in the event of a wedding or event.  This helps to protect our customers as well as our business.


For more information on pricing for a wedding or event please call our dedicated staff to set up a time to meet and discuss your needs.


Delivery Charges:


In town San Saba = $5.00

Local Funeral Deliveries = Free

Out of Town San Saba = Start at $15.00 and Up

Goldthwaite (In Town Only) = $15.00 and Up

Cherokee (Can Depend on Location) = $15.00 and Up

Richland Springs (Can Depend on Location) = $10.00 and Up

Lometa (In Town Only) = $15.00 and Up


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